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Custom : Inner Turban Satin by Ayunar

Price : 
RM 35 for Full beads
RM 30 for Patch Lace beads Only
RM 25 for Plain only
 Material : Satin

Estimate complete order less than 2 weeks.(depends on q order) Hurry! made your order now.
Pengantin pakai cantik, family pengantin pakai cantik, pergi dinner or events cantik, pakai raya cantik, :)
Match Inner turban satin Ayunar  with Inner Monotone Ayunar :)
Inspired From This Original version
Ayun's Solemnization

 Customer's Version

Mak Pengantin pun cantik pakai turban satin ayunar ni 
( aunty nora :) )

Casual Style

Example Of Full Beads
Example Of Patch lace beads only
how to order?
1. Choose COLOUR of SATIN
If u have your preferred colour which is not in our list, we can custom for you
Most Of the colours is similar with Inner Ayunar Colour Palette
 Please Refer colour chart below 

Other colour available
Soft Plum, Dark Orange, chanteq green (darker than apple green), peach, coral, pearl brown(beige), mint green, fushia pink, Emerald green
2. Choose COLOUR of Patch Lace 
Design terbaru akan diupdate
3.choose colour for beads
u can choose max 3 colour of beads
For More Sample of complete inner Turban Satin Visit Here (LINK)
 For More picture of Our custom Order Hijab Visit Here (LINK)

Cara Order :

Item :  Inner Turban Satin

Please Choose :
RM 35 for Full beads
RM 30 for Patch Lace beads Only
RM 25 for Plain only

Colour inner :

Colour Lace :

Colour Beads (boleh mix 3 colour) : 

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